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The Tone Revolution in the Making

SanGraal Guitars builds world class guitars and innovating pickup technology.

Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, our guitars are built to impress.

The cornerstone idea at SanGraal is innovation. From day-one in 2005, to this very moment, the quest of SanGraal has been creating tools that transcend generations and allow you to unleash your creativity.

Everyone Loves San Graal Guitars

"In all my years of playing guitar, I'd never guess the ST500 would make me feel like I'm picking up a guitar for the first time... but it did!
Chris Robbins • ST400 Cheyenne
For my blues and rock, this was a match made in heaven. The tone and versatility are flawless. In a way, I didn't choose it: it chose me. If you honestly believe in that kind of thing, you might be a guitarist.
Sebastian Sabatier • ST400 Kathmandu