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San Graal Guitars is Honored with First Place Award

Posted by Jacob Jacquet on

San Graal Guitars owner, Bruno Jacquet, was awarded first place in the 2016 Coulee Region Entrepreneurial Business Plan Competition hosted by LADCO and CenturyLink. Farley accepted this honor at the 20th Annual Industry Appreciation Breakfast held at the Onalaska Omni Center on July 14th.

The cornerstone idea at San Graal is innovation. From day-one in 2005, to this very moment, the quest of San Graal has been creating tools that transcend generations and allow you to express your creative drift. San Graal is passionate about the guitar’s rich heritage and committed to creating instruments of uncompromised beauty, superb tones, slick playability and more.

San Graal guitars are wired in a revolutionary way which keep the traditional sounds you are accustomed to, while allowing an additional wide range of tones. San Graal’s sound designer, Todd Wolfgram, created a unique pickup that is simple enough to use for a stage performer, is passive (no battery/preamp) and gives access to sound thought to be inaccessible by magnet pickups. The result delivered by Todd is astonishing, way beyond expectations. There are 3 versions of the WolfGram Tone Modifier and each can be heard on San Graal Guitars’ website.

San Graal Guitars is located in the Coulee Region Business Center at 1100 Kane Street – La Crosse.

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