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About us

About San Graal Guitars

Sangraal Guitars is a guitar manufacturer born from Jacquet Guitars: a 10 year research lab and a self funded advanced hobby entity designed to find a new direction for the electric guitar concept. During that time several patent-able new features were developed, tested, implemented on several original design instruments that San Graal Guitars will introduce in the national and international musical instruments market.

Company History

In 2005, Bruno’s younger son showed some interest in an old useless electric guitar in the attic and Bruno decided to built one for him: this triggered his interest in guitar making. For the following 5 years, using the internet, local resources and working with 2 local luthiers, Bruno learned the art of making guitars, using his technical background and mixing all his knowledge to innovate, create and design new products, build and design CNC machines and tooling accessories adapted to making guitars and implement new features for electric guitars from unseen pickups and wiring in collaboration with Todd Wolfram to a patentable neck joint achieving a wider range, better tone and a better sustain. The last past 10 years, Jacquet Guitars has been an important stepping-stone to learn and research, sharing and planning for San Graal Guitars.


Our Team

Bruno Jacquet

Bruno Jacquet is the founder of San Graal Guitars. He is a self-taught guitar maker with an extensive woodworking and technical background. Besides being a guitarist early in life, he was also a photojournalist covering wars in the 80’s (Afghanistan/Russia war in 1982, Lebanon 1985, etc…). Then, in an effort to settle from dangerous traveling, Bruno became an Aerial Photographer in France and obtained his French private pilot license. In 1994, he came to the US and successfully completed his Commercial Pilot license with multi-engine and instrument rating and his Airline Transport Pilot license. In 1996, he was hired as a pilot/photographer. In 2000, he went to a small airline feeder for UPS and came back to the aerial photography job in 2005, as a deliberate choice. The same year he opened “Jacquet Guitars” as a self-funded guitar research lab to experiment his new vision for the electric guitar instrument. He currently maintains his aerial photography position and is proud to fly the company’s most advanced airplane.

Every activity in Bruno’s past is adding something to the San Graal Guitars endeavor:

  1. His aviation career gives San Graal Guitars the sense of responsibility, work ethic and precision necessary for a perfect craftsmanship and quality control,
  2. His technical education gives San Graal Guitars the capability to solve manufacturing challenges and a logic understanding for new technology applications,
  3. His abilities in photography and music add an artistic sense of beauty which was recognized on every guitar sold by Jacquet Guitars,
  4. His extensive traveling as a young man taught him the appreciation for other cultures, the understanding of different thinking which gives San Graal Guitars more abilities to negotiate in an international market setting.

Todd Wolfram, Sound Designer, External Contractor

Todd Wolfram, electronic technician and luthier is responsible for the development and implementation of the Wolftone Modifier. He also serves as technical adviser in electronics, tooling and wood specialistTodd has worked at Dave’s Guitar Shop in La Crosse since 2003. Prior to that he was the owner, luthier, and technician at Todd’s Guitars. He was both a student and a substitute instructor at Red Wing Technical College where he studied instrument building and repair as well as electronic music technology.

Jacob Jacquet, Site 

Jacob Jacquet made this beautiful San Graal Guitar website. He earned his B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2014. More recently, he has moved to Seoul, South Korea to introduce his own company, Rezi, to blossoming international markets.