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The George Harrison Telecaster as it was delivered to him in January 1969 before Mr. Delaney modified the machine heads to Kluson’s. There are, however, some very slight differences – the main one being that the original was made out of 4 pieces of Indian rosewood. The San Graal Harrison is made out of 2 pieces of old grown Brazilian Rosewood sandwiched with a slice of curly maple. Standard modern Tele wiring, absolutely NO HUM unless you are less than 2 feet from the transformer of your amp. This is a proprietary trick from San Graal Guitars, no change for the tone, very efficient. The control plate is engraved with the San Graal guitars logo and the neck plate is engraved with “Jacquet Guitars” as it was the last build of the former name of this company. This is a unique piece as it will be almost impossible to find this wood again.